Heleen Sieborgs ILLPHOCON Eve behind glass photography plants botanical

CURRENT exhibition(s):

Dingendienietverkopen - Antwerpen (BE)

16/02/2022 - 20/03/2022
Showing a selection of 3D work and sculptures.

PAST exhibitions:

Dive into mankind - Leuven (BE)

22/01/2021 -15/09/2021
Collage group exhibition featuring "Aurum x Aqua". Organised by Cera.

expo@ BarPlas - Wezel (BE)

01/07/2021 -11/07/2021
Photographic group exhibition featuring the photo series "Unearthed".

Murze Issue ten (Online publication)

"Eve behind glass" photograph has been featured in Murze magazine, issue ten: Wildlife. 

M.Export 6 - Mol (BE)

Featured the 'Eve behind glass' photobook and posters.

Out of office - Kasteel Sterckshof, Deurne (BE)

Photography exhibition organised and curated by Breedbeeld. From 17/08 - 29/09 in the castle garden of Sterckshof. Featured "Golden Glow".
Discover the expo.

Impact - Mol (BE)

showed the "Karma Leak" series in Station M, Mol. Organised by Tydeeh.

Hidden Vanitas - Mol (BE)

Various work; "The mask" and "Desideerium #2.

BRIK - Wezel (BE)

The moss installation Desideerium #1, Organised by Brik.